Humanitarian Projects

We are in this together. Contact us, we are always open for new charitable collaborations.

We are an avid supporter of JAAN ( and BAWA ( Both organizations strive daily to improve the lives of abused and neglected animals in Indonesia.

A full interior design plan was provided for Tot Heils Des Volks, a charitable organization for homeless people. Their activities includes a soup kitchen, a secondhand clothing shop and a personalized consultation service for addicts.

A full interior design plan was provided for community center “Molenwijkkamer” in Molenwijk and “de Bolder” in de Banne, both located in Amsterdam North. In these centers people of all ages and background come together for fun activities or a lovely neighborly chat. Both renovation works are completed by teams of committed volunteers.

A full interior design plan was provided for the new office of Stichting Free a Girl, an organization committed to free underage girls from a lifetime of sex slavery in South Asian region.

Together with the Lions Club we painted the girls department of Het Bertolt Brecht Huis, a shelter for homeless teens in Amsterdam Centrum.