Warmth surrounding a bonfire

Native american vibe was the requested theme for this coffeeshop. Instead of using the more common browns; the burnt orange wall color together with the geourgeous royal blue lounge bring warmth and modernity to the interior. Native american elements such as feather patterns and a large wallpaper potraying a graceful white horse was suggested as the main focal points of the room. To keep the guests engaged the giant wallpaper will be changed every 3 months by the owner. This focal wall will stay fun and dynamic.

Distressed copper mirrors behind the counter serves as a subtle but luxurious wall finish. A lighting scheme was carefully considered to create a lively atmosphere. Smart redivision of space made it possible for the old washroom to be replaced by two washrooms. Both restrooms for ladies and gentlemen are covered with tiles with pearl effect in different colors.

A bonfire was not present in the lounge, but its warmth can be felt as guests relax and enjoy the hospitality offered by the coffee shop.