Modern Oriental Sophistication

This modern yet warm living room was inspired by the homeowners’ oriental heritage. The “before” space was cold and unwelcoming, thus a golden beige wall color was chosen to create a more homely atmosphere. This color also subtly reflects the rich and sophisticated culture of the homeowners’ homeland.

Existing furniture pieces were reused cleverly in this project. A modern fireplace with sleek TV console combines well with a pair of trapezoids bookracks. The placement is balanced and symmetrical. Additional large cabinets provides plenty of storage. Colorful round paintings beautifully decorates the wall.

The soothing green grey color in the master bedroom is calming yet fresh. The babygirl’s bedroom is pink and cheerful. The boy’s bedroom has a jungle and dinosaur theme with multifunctional bunk bed. New laminate oak flooring was installed all throughout the bedrooms.

Every home is different – and it is a reflection of how wonderful you are.
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