Paradise Getaway

The challenge: To bring the sun and sea right to Haarlem, the Netherlands- the land of the grey sky.
The answer: No problem.

Deep red exotic wooden floor and tropical wallpaper set the perfect background for this living room. Outdoor furniture and plenty of plants complements the loungy sofa. In the dining area the painting of kite flyers is the star of the room. The owner’s old dining table and chairs are reused. Kitchen is specially designed without any deep-high-cabinets not to block the amazing views from both sides of the room.

The stunning bedroom uses gold, black, and red. Daring color combinations that can be tacky in the wrong hands, but surprisingly luxurious in skilled ones. This master bedroom looks like it can be anywhere in the world, in the high rise of New York, or in the middle of Tokyo, or here…. the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands.

When everyday feels like a vacation,…. a good designer is worth the investment…. don’t you think?